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Name Space Shooter Mod Apk
Publisher OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Genre games
Version v1.587
MOD Features Unlimited money
Size 127MB
Requires 4.4 and up
Total installs 100,000,000+
Rated Years Rated for 7+
Price Free
Updated On May 15, 2022
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All fans of classic-based arcade games have fair enough chances to enjoy another most popular and unbelievable galactic adventure game of Space Shooter Mod Ap. Have fun while taking on ever-lasting waves of enemies, release your exciting and useful cannon blasts and enjoy addictive gameplay. So get ready for the latest upcoming challenges. 

It can be said that players can take proper control of their spaceship. Jump into epic battles against nasty enemies and adopt those ways which could stay you on the top. Moreover, upgrade spaceships to enable extra amazing utilities and powerful cannons, which will surely you to accomplish all in-game challenges. 

Through Space Shooter Mod Apk, you have a better chance to become the real captain of your space team. With space attackers destroyed and demolished by the new galactic space squad. Your team is all that, is left free for the people of the galaxy. Engage on your eventual adventures to overcome the epic-based in-game challenges to take down your enemies’ fleet during space flights.

Feel free to command your selected ship to go through different in-game challenges and go against lot o enemies, each enemy contains intimidating powers. Control your spaceship so that could dodge the enemy’s attacks. Discover different upgrades and a power-up that will give the best chances to your spaceship to wipe out all the enemies. Explore the amazing ballets in different in-game levels. Plat the captivating and challenging campaigns. 
Also, join other galaxy defenders in your eventual online fights to defeat your enemies.

Space Shooter Mod Apk

What is Space Shooter Mod Apk?

Space Shooter Mod Apk is the modded version of the official space shooter game, where players can get unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, unlimited gems, infinite VIP rewards, VIP unlocked, anti-cheat bypassed removed ads, and much more.

Features of Space Shooter Mod Apk

Here, we are more concerned with the awesome features of the game.

Accessible and Simple Touch Controls

All android gamers in Space Shooter Mod Apk will have proper choices to enjoy the exciting and addictive arcade gameplay, thanks to its accessible and simple touch controls. Feel free to optimize or boost the touch screen to generate this classic game extra comfortably. Just drag your desired ship towards the screen so that could dodge enemies invades. This one-touch control of Space Shooter Mod Apk will surely make the gameplay quite engaging and easier. 

Amazing in-game Levels

Furthermore, players can enjoy amazing in-game levels of Space Shooter Mod Apk which features a lot of exciting quests and challenging campaigns. Feel free to go against different enemies with distinctive powers. Engage into eventual arcade shooter gameplay with more than 200 multiple levels. Have fun with different fights and many challenges to overcome. In addition, even on difficult levels, players will find Space Shooter Mod Apk extra challenging and exciting.

Unbelievable Bosses with Distinctive Skills

With the most devastating and difficult waves of minion intruders, Space Shooter Mod Apk introduces massive and nasty bosses, that are quite helpful in your in-game adventures. Feel free to challenge your huge and epic-based bosses by demonstrating your abilities and skills. Enjoy unbelievable space fights and come up with unique tactics to challenge your all opponents. 

Make the best use of Power-ups

All players can enjoy different in-game powers, which can be utilized specifically during the cardinal moments. Feel free to boost your all powers, so that you could not be hit by different waves of enemies. Protect your spaceship from basic impacts and boost your firepower to take down your enemies freely. Unlock different in-game power-ups and utilize them at the right time to take advantage of your enemies.

Upgrade Spaceships for Extra Powers

Furthermore, to prepare your all spaceships for the upcoming fights and challenges, all players in Space Shooter Mod Apk can make different upgrades, which provide better stats and powers to their starships. Feel free to unlock many exciting in-game features with excellent upgrades. Unlock unbelievable powers and progress in your gameplay.

Have fun with the Awesome PvP Shooter Gameplay

Here in Space Shooter Mod Apk, all players will have proper options to enjoy this arcade-based shooter gameplay with the exciting online mode. Feel free to join your family, friends, and other online gamers globally. Enjoy co-op challenges with online gamers and friends.

Get Free Rewards Daily

For those who have a deep interest in Space Shooter Mod Apk, many awesome rewards are introduced for them and they can pick their free rewards daily without spending extra time. Now android gamers can have more fun after utilizing daily quest, lucky wheel, and other gifts. Feel free to enjoy the interesting in-game challenges to unlock your unique rewards.

Space Shooter Mod Apk

Free to Play

However, despite all the amazing features, Space Shooter Mod Apk is still free to play from our website on your android devices. Moreover, you can find the official version of the game on the Google Play Store without paying even a single penny. Feel free to enjoy it wherever you are.

Unlimited Money

Of course, we cannot deny the fact that money is always regarded as important in-game currency, which is given only in our unlocked version of Space Shooter Mod Apk. In addition, you can select it from our safe download link. However, players will not feel any boredom mainly because of removed ads and locked content. Because you will be able to get unlimited diamonds and unlimited gold in Space Shooter Mod Apk. 

Space Shooter Mod Apk


With eye-catching graphics and powerful visuals, Space Shooter Mod Apk allows you to immerse yourself fully in the most dynamic arcade shooter levels. While advancing in the gameplay, you will also come across immersive 3D designs and excellent visual effects. Surely, players will have extra fun in this game, so thanks to its unique effects and awesome lighting. It is right to say that the classic space shooter does not require extra capability from your android devices.

Music and Sound

In fact, at the same time, players can have fun with the interesting shooter gameplay of Space Shooter Mod Apk. Therefore, thanks to the on-themed soundtracks and powerful sound effects. Players can find themselves discovering the exciting world of Space Shooter Mod Apk in-game audio, which completely engages them throughout their gameplay.

Space Shooter Mod Apk


Now is the best time to get ready to jump into an eventual space shooter challenge in this latest game, which was developed by ONESOFT. Feel free to explore the interesting features of Space Shooter Mod Apk. Have fun playing this most popular game in exciting arcade challenges and discover the distinctive on-game elements. Upgrade your entire spaceship and progress in Space Shooter Mod Apk to unlock even extra challenging gameplay. Download Space Shooter Mod Apk and if found any issue regarding its features, please comment down to get fast replies.


Is Space Shooter Mod Apk a safe game?

Yes, from all perspectives, Space Shooter Mod Apk is a 100% secure and safe video game for android devices. Download it without any hesitation and enjoy our unlocked gameplay.

Who developed Space Shooter?

The developer of the space shooter game is ONESOFT. However, our mod version of space shooter contains the latest features, and after downloading it you can make your gameplay quite successful and enjoyable.

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