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Name Hills of Steel Mod Apk
ID com.superplusgames.hosandroid
Publisher Superplus Games
Genre games
Version v4.2.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Menu
Size 108MB
Requires 4.4 and up
Total installs 50,000,000+
Rated Years Rated for 7+
Price FREE
Updated On May 09, 2022
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It would be right to say that Hills of Steel Mod Apk adds excellent and unique horizontal action video game elements in a 2D atmosphere. It can be said that this game is about the fight and battle between tanks. In this realistic physics simulation game, players engage themselves in fights on the hill to crush their enemies with steel. Moreover, players also collect loot from losers to upgrade their tanks through modifications and distinctive weapons. After playing different sections of the gameplay, you will also be able to unlock the latest tanks and select an accurate fighting style.

Further, Hills of Steel Mod Apk contains a different type of content, which will take from one battlefield to another. However, you will also earn money to win tank fights, so that could climb up to high positions. So you must do every possible effort to become the best and the greatest war marshal in the world. So in this regard, it is right to say that Hills of Steel Mod Apk is for those players who like to drive heavily armored tanks with continuous action.

Hills Of Steel Mod Apk

What is Hills of Steel Mod Apk?

Hills of Steel Mod apk is the modified version of the official version of Hills of Steel. And in our mod version of this game players can get unlimited money, unlimited coins, unlimited gems, free shopping, and much more. Furthermore, Hills of Steel Mod Apk is a tank action game, which was developed by Superpulus Games. Through this game, players experience the world of medieval warfare. However, with our mod version, the version of the game is available you can download it on your website free.

Features of Hills of Steel Mod Apk

Below, we have added the cardinal features of our mod version. Read them to make your gameplay successful and enjoyable.

Interesting Gameplay with Simple Interface

As we have mentioned above that Hills of Steel Mod Apk offers entirely free fight. And you can purchase in-game items optionally to increase your invasion of hostile territories. 
Moreover, the game makes you impress mainly because of its incredible gameplay, where you start shooting bullets in accordance with realistic physics rules. 

Additionally, the game allows you to unlock and try out almost all types of tanks or unique skills. So after a long flight, you have a fair enough option to upgrade your tanks to move faster, so that there could be more damage done to your opponents. On the other hand, Hills of Steel Mod Apk has quite a deep and fascinating storyline while controlling your tank to collect loot. Also, try to survive the certain onslaught of classic mode.

When you have extra victories, then of course you have more chance to raise your odds to become a gigantic tank champion. Hills of Steel Mod Apk can be played easily due to its simple and smooth gameplay but interesting and extremely attractive. In the game, your major task is to control your selected tank, where the vehicle can move horizontally on your mobile screen. Then you get rid of a lot of challenges, and trials, and blow up your all enemies on your mobile screen. Hills of Steel Mod Apk is entirely free, but you will have to purchase gems and coins to upgrade the latest tanks.

The game focuses on entertainment, that is why the gameplay is quite smooth and simple. Because you have to control your tanks to move backward and forwards to shoot your enemies on the road. Hills of Steel Mod Apk seems quite smooth and simple but actually, you need a lot of time to win mainly because of incredible humorous and realistic physics. Players face a lot of humor when their tank is stunk inside a small hill or their tank start running on two wheels like a racing car. Surely, all of these humorous elements create fun for those who like to interact with entertainment.

Hills Of Steel Mod Apk

Interesting Game Mode with Multiplayer Content

It is rightly said that Hills of Steel Mod Apk allows its players to utilize 9 multiple kinds of tanks in which modern tanks are also included such as Joker, Croba, Titan, and more. Each tank contains its weapons such as the specific Gatling gun by Arachno’s laser, Telsa’s electric universe, and Reaper. So you should select a tank with high and low damage like Joker, Cobra, and like simple and smooth battling style. If you like safe and sound gameplay and have the intention to shoot from after then select titanium or Mammoth, use extra healing items, and shield. If you like to play violent and extreme gameplay, then you must select Reaper to demolish your enemy tanks with massive and lofty bombs.

As you progress in Hills of Steel Mod Apk, you have fair chances to upgrade your tank to enhance support with modifications such as self-heating, mines, bombing, etc. Each tank has six multiple upgrade settings, and you should select that kind of upgrade which could match your solo playing style.

Hills Of Steel Mod Apk

Amazing Game Modes with Multiplayer Content

Here, in Hills of Steel Mod Apk provides attractive gameplay mainly because of awesome and interesting game modes. Therefore, if you select PvP mode, then you will have to fight a player AI in a ferocious 1v1 match, and the period of each battle contains one minute. When the fight ends, and if one tank is demolished, or your tank has less mana when time ups.

It can be said with a true note that Hills of Steel Mod Apk allows the players to fight with friends in the 2 vs 2 categories. Of course, to win in-game levels, you need proper coordination with teammates in terms of skills and tactics. However, if you like extra difficulty, then you can select adventure mode to shoot down all enemies before you demolish the most powerful boss.

Furthermore, in adventure mode, you can control your tank because there is no time limitation in this mode, and you will be able to revive demolished tanks with only a few gems. 
But if you are just a casual gamer, then you can try out the classic mode, and all mechanism of this mode is quite similar to adventure mode, where you destroy many AI vehicles and demolish the eventual boss. Surely, the rewards and the difficulty of this mode will increase over time. The most exciting and interesting thing is that Hills of Steel Mod Apk has a “Boss Only” mode, where players will battle a series of extremely fierce bosses.

However, players can also try Tanks Start to experience multiple awesome tank fights. You select the best weapons from simple and smooth rockets to atomic bombs. Hills of Steel Mod Apk is also quite supportive of online multiplayer and various weapon upgrades through attractive graphics.

As far as pros of Hills of Steel Mod Apk is concerned, the game has 2D graphics with friendly horizontal gameplay. In this game, players will come across many diverse upgrades and interesting game modes. However, you can exchange your friends globally and upgrade your all selected weapons. As far as cons of this game are concerned, players start getting bored mainly because of prolonged playing time and fewer breakthroughs in its gameplay.

Hills Of Steel Mod Apk


Perhaps, Hills of Steel Mod Apk contains the most addictive tank activity, which focuses on tank battles. The mod version of this game is free on our website. Feel free to race on the mountains and pound steel with diversities. With special weapons and the best redesigns, players can gather loot from fallen enemies to raise their tanks. So open the latest adaptive tanks and fight bravely to move towards the modern moon. Moreover, download Hills of Steel Mod Apk and enjoy fighting gameplay. However, if you find any issues, please comment down to get swift replies in time.


Is Hills of Steel Mod Apk safe game?

Yes, of course, there is no doubt that Hills of Steel Mod Apk is a safe game from all angles and perspectives.

Who developed Hills of Steel?

Superplus Games developed this game.

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