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Name App Cloner Mod Apk
ID com.applisto.appcloner.premium
Publisher AppListo
Genre apps
Version v2.12.4
MOD Features For Android
Size 5.5MB
Requires 4.1 and up
Total installs 5,000,000+
Rated Years Rated for 3+
Price Free
Updated On May 10, 2022
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We can say this with a firm note that almost all social media users like to switch their social accounts. However, most of them only use one registration process on their android phones. Of course, this creates quite an inconvenience if they have multiple social media accounts. Therefore, to deal with this devastating issue, many android users use the App Cloner Premium Apk, which is incumbent software on android and allows its users to have different accounts on one android device. 

Additionally, users can clone the app and keep its complete information in a certain parallel folder. As far as the best app cloner is concerned, then surely App Cloner Mod Apk is an awesome app. App Cloner Mod Apk allows you to clone and run multiple accounts in a parallel atmosphere on your mobile phone. This app provides enough help in case of performing a quick and sharp switching between social network accounts and game accounts without logging out from the others. 

However, while running 2 apps simultaneously, your android device should have the concerning hardware capability. But if this does not occur, then surely you will be able to run with problems while performing the cloning and utilizing different accounts. Therefore, your concerned devices should have a reasonable RAM having over 3GB capacity and also powerful multi-core processors.

App Cloner Mod Apk

 What is App Cloner?

App Cloner is the best and most popular cloning tool, which allows its users to create different copies of their desired and favorite exciting applications on their android devices. With this app, you can easily run two apps even having the same hardware device capability. Moreover, if you have a passion for games and have multiple gaming IDS, running different social media accounts, then App Cloner can be quite helpful for you.

What is App Cloner Mod Apk?

App Cloner Mod Apk is the modified application of the official App Cloner. Of course, this is a cloning application that lets its users create and install different copies of their already installed app on their mobile phones. In our mod version, all premium features are fully unlocked without paying anything

 Features of App Cloner Mod Apk

It can be said that spoofing your location and hiding the Android ID of app cloner premium apk is quite helpful while accessing any unprotected apps. Because this app contains many latest features, which are important to know before cloning any type of application. Therefore, below, we have added some features, which can be accessed through our mod version of App Cloner.

Log in to Multiple Accounts

It would be right to say that App Cloner Mod Apk allows its users to clone their desired apps and then use them in a parallel atmosphere, fully separated from the basic OS. And with this way, users can experience the cloned and the app by utilizing two multiple accounts. However, two accounts can be recognized easily from two different devices. This is quite useful if you are using online game accounts or multiple social accounts.

App Cloner Mod Apk


Protect and Maintain your Privacy through Incognito Login

This is the most cardinal feature of this app because users can disable access to call logs and contacts for any application. Furthermore, after utilizing the incognito login procedure, each action can be traced by online trackers which you made inside your cloned app. Here, users can be invisible completely from the supervisors and the snooping neighbors. Therefore, all those users are privacy-conscious and can use this app to connect with their specific online accounts. In this way, users can always protect their information.

Swift Switching Between Multiple Accounts

Most people like to prefer to use App Cloner rather than switching accounts on valid apps. Because in the case of using Facebook, users will have to log out before adding passwords and the user name for the new account. And the same stuff occurs for all online games and social media apps. It can be said that with App Cloners, users need to switch their accounts to open the App Cloner Premium so that they can locate the cloned app. This process is quite quick and users can keep their accounts logged in.

Generate Parallel Spaces without any Dispute

The certain technique that most App Cloner users utilize is the creating or generating of parallel spaces, in which already cloned apps act the same as a basic app. However, in the major OS, your official app can be opened to access other accounts. This can be a verbal theory, but in reality, not a lot of apps are capable of making parallel spaces without any conflict like Premium Cloner App. This allows its users to utilize their accounts easily and not worry about conflicts and crashes.

Stable and Powerful

Another the best feature which makes App Cloner extra useful is its good stability and impressive performance. You can install the app with little compensation on most devices.

Free to Use

It would be right to say that this app is still available with zero costs, even having amazing features. Being an android user, you can avail this app from Google Play Store. But this free app also contains in-app purchases and ads, which are quite annoying and disturbing.

 All Features fully Unlocked with Premium Version

Even the free version of this app is quite useful and the users can also unlock it with our premium version. So just visit our website and install App Cloner Premium Apk from our secure download link. This process will take only a few minutes to complete. And as a matter of fact, users can enjoy the latest features including the clone premium app, which is not available on the free version. Feel free to create different clones having multi-window support and so on.

App Cloner Mod Apk

Media Option Editing

Users can prevent their app by modifying the volume or muting while using the app in the background. Moreover, the best thing about this app is that users can disable or change activity transitions, which helps them to save their mobile phone battery when any type of application runs in the background.

No Ads

Yes, you will not come across any ads in App Cloner Mod Apk, because we have eliminated the portion of the ad permanently so that our users could not be bothered anymore. Download App Cloner Mod Apk and enjoy ads-free apps.

Some Drawbacks

Even after having so many useful features, App Cloner Mod Apk also contains the following drawbacks.

Unable to Work on Old Devices

It is right to say that almost all old devices have single-core processors, that are why running the cloning can be quite difficult and even impossible. Because old hardware cannot support multi-tasking. Additionally, old devices contain less RAM capacity than their actual requirement. So it would be very hard to keep other applications running in the background.


All Apps Cannot Be Cloned

It is quite a notable feature that all apps cannot be cloned mainly because of Google’s policies and the multiple structures of specific apps. That is why apps that are not popular can encounter malfunctions and crashes. To ensure the desired results, users will have to make sure that their apps are available on the support list from App Cloner Mod Apk

App Cloner Mod Apk


With these useful and cardinal cloning features, all android users can enjoy switching between multiple social media accounts in seconds. Therefore, the premium version of this app is always on top, where you can easily clone your selected apps at different times and use various accounts on it. Download App Cloner Mod Apk and if you face any issue, then commend down to get swift answers. Have a good day!


Is App cloning secure and safe?

Yes, of course, cloning apps are 100% secure and safe, because it provides extra security while using unprotected or unauthorized apps. Therefore, with App Cloner Mod Apk you can sustain the security of your app comfortably.

What Can I get from App Cloner Mod?

The noticeable thing is that we have unlocked almost all the premium features which can be used for cloning the app. However, with the mod version, users can customize icons, identify and track, and batch cloning. Alos can zoom images, hide mock locations, enable floating apps, and much more.

Should I connect my device to the internet to use this app?

No, there is no such need, because, without an internet connection, you can use this application.

Who developed App Cloner?

AppListo is the developer of this application.

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